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  • Bus students and car riders will enter the building through the South Entrance on 9th Street through the gymnasium. Gifted teachers will be there on duty from 8:50-9:00 am to greet the students and walk them to their classrooms.  Car riders enter through the same entrance when the door opens.


Late Arrivals and/or Pick Up/Drop Off During School Day

  • All students arriving or departing after 9:00 am or any time prior to 2:00 pm dismissal must enter or exit through the West doors.  Parents must enter with their child upon arrival and check in with MEC’s receptionist.  The secretary will page the gifted classroom to alert the teacher of the student’s arrival or need for departure.  



  • At 2:00 pm bus riders will be walked to their buses through the gymnasium entrance/exit where they were dropped off that morning. Parents picking up their children should come to West Pearl entrance at 2:00 as well. A note is needed if someone different is picking up your child.


*Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work together to provide the safest environment possible for your child.  Thank you for your consideration!

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