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Miranda Hembree

Running Shoes


I love being outside and being active. Whether it's taking my dog, Lucy, for a walk or going for a run, being outside is my happy zone. Hiking and biking are also weekend favorites. My weekends and summers are usually full of projects. Whether it's a DIY, Pinterest, or a home improvement project, I'm usually working on something. 

Polka Dot Dessert


Books are another passion; I read mostly fiction for pleasure. I also like my morning coffee, traveling with family, a little bit of chocolate every day, cooking (especially desserts), snow, deep sea fishing, and tiny houses.  HGTV is definitely a favorite channel!  


My daughter is currently in vet school. She's completed 3 semesters at Ross University. I've been blessed to have a family that loves learning and my daughter does too! I'm one proud mom!  

Fur Babes

We have three: Lucy, Bolt and Rory. Lucy, my hound dog, is a little naughty and  keeps me on my toes. We adopted her from the Humane Society here in Joplin. Lucy needed a companion so we welcomed Bolt. Then, a year later Rory found us and hasn't left. She's the spiciest of all my critters.

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