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Aerial View of Islands

Journey Around the World

Journey Around the World

Introducing students to the countries of the world at a young age is important for many reasons.

The first reason being simply so that they know where countries are in the world. Yes, they will continue to learn about various countries throughout their schooling, but from a practical standpoint it is important to know where places are. As discussions occur about current events, it is helpful to have prior knowledge. This helps them make more sense of and connect to current events more thoroughly.

Another reason that learning about other countries is so important is to raise culturally aware children. The world we live in is so large and yet, so small.

People travel for work, travel for pleasure, and travel for survival. an awareness of the different cultures around the world and a realization that not every place is like where we live is impactful. People wear different clothes, speak different languages, believe different things, and have different values. This develops respect, and an appreciation of the wonderful diversity of the world.

A third reason for teaching world geography is because kids are naturally curious. There is a window of opportunity where they just want to know and see everything about everywhere. Maybe one day they will travel and get to experience different places.


"Teach Me and I Grow"

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