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    Dear Parents and Guardians:

     Welcome to an exciting new year at the Elementary Gifted Center!  

     Giftedness is more than developing skills faster or going through the developmental milestones earlier. Young gifted children are intensely curious, produce a constant stream of questions, learn quickly and remember easily, and think about the world differently than their age-mates. Their intense curiosity may get them into trouble, particularly when they try to figure out how something works. They may have a super-high energy level and yet be highly sensitive and perfectionistic. Recognizing giftedness is important because to persist, giftedness needs nurturing.

     Part of our journey this year will be learning how to appreciate their intellectual “gifts” as well as the strengths that others possess. The students will have opportunities for their creativity to be cultivated and their logical thinking skills to be exercised.  They will be participating in team building activities, researching facts and information around a unit of study and utilizing technology in a variety of ways.  Our overarching emphasis for this year will be centered around the concept of “change” with a focus on the influence of Pop Culture from the 1920’s until present. Genius Hour is back!  The students will have time pursuing “Passion Projects” and learning how to research topics of their choice.  Together we will make this year one to remember!

 Connection Folder: The first day of class, your child will bring this folder home.  It needs to be kept in his/her backpack and brought back each time he/she comes to the Gifte. Keeping this folder inside your child’s backpack is advantageous when mornings get busy.  It will be sent home with a weekly enrichment activity reminder, a note, or completed work, etc. This not only helps your child develop organizational skills, but it keeps our communication flowing. Our classroom website will be an integral part of the learning process.  The students will be asked to get their weekly “Home Enrichment” assignments from this site by clicking on the Gifted Day’s tab and responding to and completing the assignment.  A paper reminder of what is due before their next Gifted Day – whether a digital response on the website or a paper assignment in the folder, will be clarified on the website.


Our frequent communication is vital to your child’s success! My cell phone number 417-529-5707.  Please feel free to call/text my number before or after the students are at the Gifted Center (9am to 2pm) whenever there is a question or concern. When sending a text, please identify your name as well as your students’. Checking email is also a regular part of my day. You are welcome to contact via a link on our classroom website or directly at


Each Gifted Center day is teeming with activities and learning opportunities. It is important that they do not miss a day if at all possible.  One day together equals five days in a normal classroom environment.  Encourage your child to recall and discuss the day’s events with you. You will be amazed at what we accomplish!  Again, we are delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s educational experience this year. Thank you for sharing your child with us!



Elementary Gifted Staff

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